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$790- 4x4 and 5' H. for 2-5 hens $1190- 4x8 and 5' H. for 2-8 hens $1480- 4x10 and 5' H. house up to 15 chickens Those nice looking windows at both ends are your "egg doors" as well. There are several window designs you can choos...
I have fresh fertile chicken eggs of various colors available for hatching in your incubator. Great educational classroom project. The Ameraucana (AKA Easter Egger) lays various shades of Blue, Green, Brown, and Pink eggs! A few of them are also Jersey Giant, Australorp, and Leghorn breeds (Brown & white eggs). The eggs are picked up daily and come from a flock of healthy free-range birds. If y...
It is cool in summer, and you can insulate the whole coop (about $30) in winter! Here's a 3 minute video about our brand new chicken coop. Just click here to watch: Thank you for your interest. Call me if you have any questions. Pat 214-213-1360
5 feet by 3 feet chicken coop. Lid lifts up for easy retrieval of eggs.
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12 chickens, six months old. Well fed organic and free range. Just starting to lay eggs. $10 each.
Used, but it is in good condition, one of the tanks is nearly full, has a rotisserie, that allows you to cook a turkey, or several chickens. Fully equipped.
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